Super Heros????

My fiance and I were at our local hardware store looking for ideals for our new kitchen to be, when suddenly out of now where came two superheroes. Being that it was Halloween, it was not an uncommon thing to see.  The two superhero’s happen to be twin 7 year old boys who where disguised as Superman and Batman. Catherine and I talked to the little Superheroes and laughed along with their parents. I was amazed by their bravery by coming up to us ready to fight crime. They were more than willing to show us their muscle and let us know that they had no fear. After there departure, I reflected on the two little superheroes. and I asked myself “would these two little boys have came up to us ( total strangers ) if there true identity had been revealed?” I even took my thoughts one step further. “How often do firefighters have this same mentality?”  How many firefighters believe that with all of their protective gear they are invincible much like a superhero? What I’m getting at is, how often do firefighters get tunnel vision when they put on their PPE and believe that they will not get hurt? There is  no doubt any firefighter wouldn’t hesitate helping out if they came up on a house fire while being off duty. But how many would think twice about going in without PPE? But, lets just say what if ( I know!! ) we happen to have all of our PPE, would most of us think twice about going in to preform a rescue before FD arrives? How many of us firefighters have gotten hurt by thinking they can’t be harm because of our PPE? We often think ( myself included ) that we can’t be harm, or the thought of being harm is not a priority on our list of thoughts during fire ground operations. We all need to remember, that just because our gear allows to do travel deeper into a fire, smoke, and heat  doesn’t mean that we are immune to injury.

I would love to hear everyones thoughts on this?

Stay safe and God Bless.

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FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Edward Mills
Have we forgotten Tradition in the fire service ?!?!?
It is a shame! Tradition and knowing where you came from is as important as training. It brings a sense of pride that you carry on. I gave a class on tradition to our explorers, because I thought it was important. They have to know where the fire service came from and it's beginnings!!
2013-03-17 11:03:44
Edward Mills
Have we forgotten Tradition in the fire service ?!?!?
Thats why last November I gave a one hour presentation to our explorers about the history and traditions of the Fire Dept. It seems that when you join a fire department today, you are trained on SOP's and firefighting practices. You are trained on the use of all the equiptment BUT no one mentions history…
2013-02-05 18:04:04
Have we forgotten Tradition in the fire service ?!?!?
Now days you can be suspended or terminated for putting water in a Probie's boots. No more teasing the new kids? get real. If you are upset cause your feet got wet, and everyone laughed at you, then perhaps the Fire Service is not for you, pack up your panties and go to the police…
2013-02-02 11:18:25
Have we forgotten Tradition in the fire service ?!?!?
I am one of those administration folks that is trying to keep what common sense and life I have left. I agree with everything you say. Fire Department across the country are built on tradition I saw go away was pushing in a new rig in the station by firefighters instead of backing in…
2013-02-02 07:59:02
Chris Davis
Have we forgotten Tradition in the fire service ?!?!?
I swear sometimes what people try to do int the name of "political correctness" makes my sick! I have NEVER heard of a new rig not getting a wet-down. I thought that tradition was one of the biggest parts of our profession. If we have sunk so low as to forget our history then as…
2013-01-25 18:57:52

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