Firefighter’s Life saved by the Last Chance Rescue Filter

The incident occurred on October 8th 2013 with the LA City Fire Department. A Firefighter became trapped when the second floor he was on collapsed to the first floor. The firefighter became trapped under fallen debris. When the firefighter ran out of air he was forced to use his Last Chance Rescue Filter. After putting on his rescue filter, he then proceed to shed his SCBA to be released from his entrapment.

Excerpt taken from the story “A firefighter who had been on the second floor rode the falling debris to the first story, where he became trapped and had to use his emergency air canister to breathe, Scott said.”I got fire all around me… I got fire all around me,” he declared over his radio”

More information can be found by clicking this link to My Fox LA .

My Fox LA Firefighter Uses Last Chance Rescue Filter

The Audio of the Mayday from this fire can be found on YouTube. During this Audio you can hear the firefighter calling for help and describing the conditions around him.

LA Church Fire Firefighter Mayday

LA City Fire Department was one of the first departments to purchase the Last Chance Rescue Filter

For more information on the Last Chance Rescue Filter can be found by clicking this link below:

Last Chance Rescue Filter

More information on this incident will be released early in 2014

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