Four Firefighters Rescued (Documentary, A Year Later)

On January 30th of 2014, Greensboro Fire Department, NC responded to a working car fire at a auto repair shop. While the crew of Engine 11 were getting dressed in their PPE, they were notified the car was inside of the shop currently on fire. As crews were working to extinguish the fire, the unthinkable happens. Roof Collapse, four firefighters are hurt and trapped, the Rapid Intervention team was activated.

Below is the link of the new story of the firefighters who were injured and rescued right after the fire occurred

Below is a video documentary of the fire and the story of the four fighters. Please take this time to watch and learn from this story.





  • Robert J. Ward says:

    Excellent story. I am a local level fire instructor for the PA state Fire Academy. I would like to obtain a copy of the video and permission to use the video for training.

  • Walter Ferguson says:

    this should be shown to all firefighters and Officers I too would love to have copy to use as a Fire Instructor.
    thank you

  • Eric Stroud says:

    The video is on you tube. For all who are inquiring.

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