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Have we forgotten Tradition in the fire service ?!?!?

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First off let me start off by apologizing if this blog offends anyone. If you feel like you are easily offended , please do not read. Other than that, you have been warned. I decided to write this post in response to a Facebook post I saw just moments ago (I plan to keep this […]

Out of Air Emergency (Last Chance Rescue Filter)

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Out of Air Emergency The Last Chance Rescue Filter You are in a dark, heat, smoke filled room, and you are taking your last breath. You think to yourself “now what?”. Your mind quickly goes to a check list of things to do. During this check list, your family comes to mind. “Is this it?” […]

Super Heros????

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Does PPE make firefighters a super hero? How many of us think we will not get hurt with our PPE on?

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